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Sssooo sssick !

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ZX7R Engine

How much does a new ZX7R engine costs and where can I find one? Reason why I ask is because when I was riding at highway speeds today, my bike started coughing, backfiring and smoking. When I got in town, I slowed down to stop at a light and my bike seized immediately. I had to push it to the shoulder and attempted to restart it again. By this time, heavy smoke was billowing out of my pipe. I haven't been able to start it since. I think the engine will need to be rebuilt or I will just get a new engine. Whatever is more cost effective. I checked all the fluids and they are fine. I got several opinions from other riders there but nobody couldn't really find the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks![2]
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There's a plug on the left side of the engine (sitting on the bike) that you can usually connect a oil pressure gauge to. Usually there is little to no pressure showing at idle but you'll see climb as the RPM goes up.

If you lost pressure, more than likely you pump went or you have a block orfice. There's a gear on the pump that could have come apart on you, also.

I have personally found broken bits of aluminum parts from flashing, piston skirts, and clutch shavings clog up my engine. I keep an externally mounted gauge permanantly mounted to my bike at all times. Doesn't mean I won't have problems, but you have to realize that a motorcycle engines revs up over 8 grand alot. Most stock car engines would have blown by than. You're oil and coolant have to be on the money, yo.

If the engine seized, then more than likely you spent a main bearing. Check with the junk yards and see who wrecked a bike and have an engine laying around. Be expecting to pay $1200 for a short block and up to $2000 for a long block that's stock.

Sorry, I only rebuild my engines, anymore.

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Sssooo sssick !

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That sucks!!!! I hope I don't have to replace it. I will be taking it to the shop tomorrow. Hopefully, the damage will not be as bad as I think it is. I just bought the bike Dec. of 02. It's a 97. Looks like I got ripped off!!!
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Check out ebay... I've seen 7R long blocks go for as little as $600. Remember, the 7R motor was the same from 96-03, so any year will plug right in.
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