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early 90's zx7r vs. gsxr 750

I'm thinking about getting one of these two bikes and would like some info on them.

Just general info, like weight and horsepower and your personal opinions. The gsxr would be 92+ (I think 92 was the first year of that model) and the zx7r I don't know when the "new" model came out. They all look pretty similer so please give me some info. Thanks.
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Wouw! 92 wasn´t the first year of the Gixxer!
I would buy an ZX7R only for tracka days, but for a daily use, an gixxer.
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'89 was the first version of the ZX-7, '90 was the same basiclly except for some changes in the head and a lighter stronger swingarm that is pretty much the same as todays.
'91 saw evelutionary changes in suspension(USD forks) and a shorter stroke engine and some restyling, this was also the first year of the ZX-7R(race version), the standard was detuned with milder cams, '92 was the same.
'93 Was the first year for the ram air induction and a shorter stroke engine and more restyling and was called the ZX-7R with the race version ZX-7RR, '94 and '95 were the same.
'96 saw more evelotion in a shorter stoke engine, twin ram air ducts and more restyling and has been unchanged except paint and graphics through '03. The bikes have gained weight over the years also mostly through it's chassis, the frame has been stiffened and the USD forks have added weight.
I raced '89 & '90 ZX-7 superbikes and they were always great handling and solid in the corners, although not as light feeling as the GSXR's, I felt more comfortable pushing the 7 harder in the corners.
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best year for the ZX7 was 1990.
the 1990 had some improvements I remember over hte 1989 model, and after that the 91-92s had about 80RWHP, and weighed just over 500lbs wet. the 93-95 ZX7s were nice bikes(looks/handling of the 91-92 models with the power of the 1990), but I have heard they had motor problems(and have seen evidence of this locally).

the GSXR750 started in 1985(1986 in the US), got heavily(pun intended) revised in 1988, 1990(1991 for the US), and in 1992(1993US) got liquid cooling. The GSXR had the power to dominate the ZX7 for 1991-92, but after that, the 1993-1995 ZX7s were very comparable to the ZX7, with the ZX7 winning most magazine comparasons(albeit, by a very slim margin).
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