ZRX Riders?

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    Any ZRX riders here?
    I picked my 99 1100 up while I lived in Atlanta a couple years ago and rode her from Atlanta to Houston in one day…
    Of all the bikes I have owned, this is my favorite street bike. A bit dated and heavy, but excellent motor with gobs of torque at any rpm.

  • Always loved the ZRX - such a cool bike with classic lines. Reminds me of the mid-80s Honda Nighthawk 700SCs before they became fugly. Welcome back to the forum. Hope Houston is treating you well and you’re into some decent riding weather this time of year!

  • I guess I should have specified that I recently moved back home to Oregon.
    Cant wait to take the lady out to the hills again. There will be at least a couple trackdays next year! ORP and PIR probably

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    Nice ride, but damn I hate oregon people. All they do is brag about how gorgeous and curvy their streets are and post pictures of them to make us plains region folk jealous.

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