New Features Added

  • I’ve added a number of new features. Here’s a list of some of the more exciting ones:

    Facebook SSO
    You can easily login with your Facebook account now. Go to the login page and click the Facebook icon under the “Alternate Logins” section. Alternately, if you already have a login - you can connect your Facebook account. Login to the forum and browse to your profile. Click the “Edit” button and then click the “Associate with Facebook” button. Done!

    Category Subscriptions
    You can now subscribe to Category / Sections of the forum. Note the green “Subscribe” button at the top of the category when you navigate into it. Click that and you’ll receive an email and notice on the forum whenever a new post is made in the category.

    Image Lightbox
    This sets it up so that images embedded in posts will open in a lightbox view instead of navigating to a new page.

    Image Embedding
    Embedding an image from the web is very easy - just simply paste the URL to the image … if it ends in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .svg the forum will automatically embed it in the post. Posting images from your computer is still just as easy as it has always been - simply click the button above the post editor that looks like a line with an up-arrow above it (upload button). Browse to your file. If it’s an image it will embed as an image. If it’s some other file, it will be shown as an attachment on the post.

    Google Maps
    One can now embed Google Maps easily in a post.
    Simply use the bbcode “map” in the form of [ map ]
    For example: [ map beaverton, oregon ] (don’t include spaces - location can be anything you choose):
    beaverton, oregon 

    or [ map Deals Gap ]
    Deals Gap 

  • Definitely liking the updates.

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