First post in the Oregon forum...again!

  • Well, I suppose I’ll create the first post in the Oregon forum. I know it has been years since this has occurred, but I’m kind of wiping the slate here (wiping it hard. So hard - you’ll have to re-create your old username, etc). I remember a from over a decade ago that was a thriving and vibrant community. I miss that group of people and I miss the synergy between us all. I miss the group rides and the Old Market Pub gatherings. I miss the connection and the friendships.

    I know many of us have moved on and possibly don’t even have our 2-wheeled stallions any longer. But perhaps I’m waxing nostalgic, believing that there are a lot of us still out there, still riding, and just wishing our forum could be what it once was … and I’m talking before it degenerated into hooliganisms, political debates, and drifted away from the thing we’re all here to share and enjoy: RIDING SPORTBIKES.

    Anyway - I put this post out there hoping to be a seed. I put this new software out there hoping it will integrate better with today’s modern social-network landscape and mobile internet. I put this out there in hopes that we can rebuild something really cool.

    If you’re really desperate to find something on the old forums, you can still find them out there at

    Welcome back to all my Oregon friends who find your way here. I’ll look forward to seeing you on the web … and on the asphalt.


  • Thanks Murph, hopefully it takes off again, was a fun forum and i met alot of good people on it.

  • well, I thought I’d give it go, register and all … then goodmacher shows up ? what’s next, dickweed ??

  • @trinc said:

    well, I thought I’d give it go, register and all … then goodmacher shows up ? what’s next, dickweed ??

    Lol welcome back guys. It’s good to see that the love is strong. 🙂

  • I’m sure he’ll be along soon trinc, lol

  • This should be interesting. Curious to see who returns…

  • Yeah I remember many of us going to biketoberfest, deals gap trip, area 51 and many others, all the weekend rides heading out of Jax, Orange Park… great times we had.

  • I’m back… and I’ve even got a new bike. It’s been so long since I’ve been on here that I think I’ve gone through two bikes…

    Let’s see, I had the 929rr that I went full watercraft on, then the 2003 gixxer 1k, then the 2009 FZ-1, and now I’m on a 2014 Kawasaki Concourse. 82.jpeg

    Looking forward to getting back together with everyone (most everyone LOL).

  • @Jeffbob That thing is pretty sexy. Nicely done.

  • I’m here, too!! Sorry to be so late to the party but super happy to see this back up again! Now that Jeff and I are both back on bikes, I’m looking forward to more riding. I miss it!

  • Oh boy, not sure i qualify to be here anymore. I ride an '07 FJR… and by ride, I mean commute to work with three days a week. Could be interesting to see what happens.

  • @Grimmy Good to see you, buddy!!

  • Well said Murph, I miss the old crew and meet ups. Life tends to change priorities around, but I still would like to meet up and ride with you all.

  • I’ve been peeking in on the .ws site for the last few years to see what’s up and just stopped by for a look a few minutes ago. I see more life here now than in the last 4-5 years on the old site. That’s great. Murph, I agree with your comments on the old site and everything it was. Some of my fondest memories are of the group rides, winter functions and lasting friendships made as a result of my membership on SBWS. Good to see you replant the seed!


  • @zedx9 Great to see you back here Ken - hoping now that it’s winter, the site gets a bit more traffic while people have the itch to ride and the weather is poor outside.

    Maybe we can squeeze in a few cold-weather rides weather-permitting? Would be great to have a reunion… 🙂

  • One of my favorite rides was back in 2002 when the Wa crew visited the Or crew and you guys took us for a mountainous ride. Took all day and then had a BBQ at someones house (too long ago to remember who).

    Miss talking to old friends on here from Ore also. Miss them dearly.

  • @okaive So when’s your next trip out to the west coast, Okaive?! Always welcome to stay here!

  • Hey yall! I’m back! Hopefully some of you remember me from PIR and the many rides I used to flog my Gs500 on trying to keep up…
    Well, I’m back with a new steed that I shouldn’t have to work nearly as hard to keep up! Behold “The Mistress.” My 99 Zrx1100
    Cant wait to meet up for some good riding again.

  • I like the new design. Nice to be back here.

  • @murphomatic Might have to take you up on this in a couple of years. I plan on skydiving in every state. I can also bring the bike along.

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