So, who is still around?

  • @spyral yeah - it definitely was a bustling place for several years.

    It seemed that when Facebook became a big deal around 2006/2007, people started really falling away from internet forums. That was coupled with the fact that this website also saw a big influx of people around 2004/2005 that really didn’t have a lot to do with motorcycles…like they were more interested in showing up here to troll people into political debates and other non-riding related crap. Stack on top of that smart-phones becoming all-the-rage and the site, on its old vBulletin platform, was not mobile-friendly in the least. People just left and never really looked back.

    I’d love to see the site come back to life, by and for people who love sportbikes and motorcycling in general. I really miss the community we had that was fixated on a common topic we all loved. I miss the group gatherings and group rides, and the random chatter about what the next cool mod was for your latest 2-wheeled project.

    I’ve tried to re-launch the site using some new software that is friendly for phones and tablets … trying to reduce that barrier to entry. The site is also now hosted on Amazon Web Services with the ability to scale up massively to meet demand if needed.

    Now all we need to do is spread the word, right? 🙂

  • @murphomatic I guess I got on WS at the very beginning. Christian Rishel owned the place and was pretty active in the sportbike scene in jacksonville, FL. We had a real good base of people back then. Hopefully this place can come back, but I don’t really know of any forums out there that are alive and well. Seems FB and such took all that action. I don’t use FB, it’s a massive time waste and I like to actually live in the real world!

  • LOL The real world. 🙂 Yeah, I really miss the sense of community. I wonder if it’s possible for something like that to return.

  • @carriebob It’s possible … we just have to do it. 🙂 Seriously though - I think if there were half a dozen people posting on this site with some regularity, it would inspire more to at least come and look. The critical mass is probably fairly small.

  • FB wont last forever. Remember they said MySpace will last forever and where is it now? Forums do have their advantages over sites like FB. Easier to search for posts, you can read at your leisure, far easier to post photos and what not.

  • @rob totally agree that forums are more focus/purpose-driven. The shit that flies by in my Facebook newsfeed does so at such a rate, I can’t even keep up with it. At least with the forum, I can come back and continue to chat on a particular post (like this one) for a long stretch of time without “losing” it.

    Yeah … lol - MySpace … that’s hilarious. I just saw a meme the other day that said “We’re finally getting to the point where the current generation of social media users are saying stupid shit like ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a personal home page where people could go and immediately hear your music playing and see your pictures?’…” LOL - they never even knew about MySpace. My daughter was born in 2005 and MySpace pretty much evaporated in 2007. She has just know crossed into the “I’m 13 and can finally get on Facebook” zone … she’s never known anything but Facebook.

    Kind of funny …

  • I stay off most all social media, I used to use it but it was such a pain in the ass. I really do not care what you had for dinner, random person I added as a friend because you added me. When riding season kicks in (man, I miss Florida) here in NY, I’ll post my ride pics and videos here. Maybe we can get traffic.

  • Thats the main reason I stopped riding, along with Oklahoma roads suck badly.

    Miss the Fl crew and our Thursday nights at Dunkin. Sonics wasn’t bad, but didn’t have the true friendly feeling like Dunkin did.

  • @okaive what was the plagte on your RC51? Was it SICSIX6 or something?

  • @spyral My car was SIX6VI and my plate was HELAWTS

  • I haven’t been here in YEARS! Actually remembered my log in & password…looking around it seems to lack the “energy” that could be found at any hour of the day or night! …(says the old man in bed by 9 lol)

  • @mcdave yeah - wish that this place was hoppin like it was before. I guess people headed for Facebook and never looked back …

    But SBWS is still here! And always good to see the occasional SBWS veteran pop in…tell your friends! 🙂

  • Still around, still riding dirt and street. Got a Super Duke GT now for asphalt duty.

    Oh, and sporting my sbws hoodie this morning. It’s just about reached it’s life expectancy now. Haha

  • @odell2115 What up yo, I still like these forums even though most people dont use them anymore


  • Did someone say Saki? I’ve been getting digest emails from SB.WS for years and lurking. Miss the old days, glad I found SB.WS, because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have found AlcoholicR1! 15 years married this year!

  • @carriebob . Missing my Lily Von Schtup. Yes Yes. The Hanful O’toole years. Where have they gone?

  • Barely still around. haven’t ridden my bike in 5 yrs. The roads in Oklahoma are the worst and I cannot ride the track anymore due to my shoulders are shot.

  • Still kickin’ , currently bikeless… Miss it every day…

  • @Spyral it’s been a long long time. I miss those days myself. Good to see some names I recognize.
    Me, I’ve been on a hell of a ride, I live in Colombia now where I’m building a resort, I’m partially paralyzed but not from riding, I’m actually looking to get back on after 3yrs of being off 2 wheels.
    @Rob still got that Avatar I made you in the SBN days? 😄
    Hope to catch up with you guys in person some day.

  • Btw @Spyral did we go ghost hunting back in the day?

    –maybe that was @Sauron been a while, brain is fried

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