@PDXDave .. :)

2004 Aprilia Futura RST 1000 ... My dad also picked up a new 2014 VFR


@boostedjosh said:

So I'm at a loss of how to post a pic. Dammit technology has moved on without me AGAIN!

Not your fault at all man ... lol

I've updated the software now that if you simply post a link to a pic - it shows up as an actual pic.

I edited your post to ensure the link showed up.

Cool 'tard. Oh the trouble I could get into with that!


@MoxieMarion said:

We're looking to purchase a kids helmet for our 10 year old daughter. Anyone have a small women's helmet or kids helmet?

Hey Marion - I have a fairly small Scorpion helmet that is too small for either of my ladies. If you'd like to give it a look to see if it fits E, I'd be happy to meet up with you. You should be able to send me a chat on this forum and we can coordinate.

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