@Nicegy525 Hopefully things will light back up some day! Hoping that the new software package running the place will help make it easier for people to use the forum. It’s very mobile-friendly and a bit more integrated with social platforms like Facebook. It would really be great to see this community come back to life.

I’m here keeping an eye on things. If you see anything amiss or want to see something different - let me know. By trade, I’m a software engineer - so I can twist all the knobs. :)

Thanks for coming back on board!



Sometimes 160+ “indicated”… my braking area is a bit tough since I have been there 3 times in 7 years lol.


@okaive LOL - she’s got a baby-face … definitely looks a lot younger than she is. Unfortunately for me - I’ve always looked a lot older than I am. We’re only about 10 years apart.

I’m a lucky guy. :)