Remember OMP Gatherings?

  • Remember when we used to get together at the Old Market Pub? We should do that again. Maybe do it mid-week sometime to avoid the Friday night insanity. Seems like there are so many more people on this area now than there were 10 years ago.


  • Don’t get caught up so far in the nostalgia and forget how mediocre the food was and how incredibly shitty the service was…
    That being said, I’m sure D and I would be in.

  • @PDXDave

    Hahahaha! True statement. The only reason we hung out so long most times was because it took forever to get served (or get served the correct thing).

    Maybe OMP can become “XYZ” as we choose a new place?

  • Golden Valley Brew Pub on Bethany/Cornell could work…, or if we’re looking for overpriced food with shitty service we could try any McMenamins. 😉

    Thirsty Lion at Wash Square?
    Something down towards Wilsonville?

    Also, keep in mind that one of the things that happened with the FNG’s is that someone was always butt hurt about the location. Eventually there were several going on, but maybe it needs to be a traveling thing so that once a month, everyone is inconvenienced equally.

  • Not inconvenienced…we should make it FUN to get there. Let’s hold it at Skyline Tavern!!

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