• Hello everyone,

    I haven’t seen an introduction page so I figured I’d post one up and break the ice. My name is Brett and I ride a 12’ Kawasaki ZX10R & also in my garage is a 04 ZX636 though I don’t ride it much anymore. I can say my addiction started here years and years ago so I figured why not join back up.

    Side topic: Anyone know of some good curves to hit?

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    Hey, Just saw that your in Oklahoma. Where at? Name is Redd

    Moore here. I have an 01’ RC-51 for the street (don’t ride much) and an 03’ 600RR for the track (although I haven’t been on it for 2 yrs).

    As far as curves go, don’t know a single one in Oklahoma.

  • Hey Redd. I think you helped me with my first tire change at my house in NW OKC on my black 04 636. Any chance you know Kilburn a.k.a. Kokojokeamo, a.k.a TIREWALL?

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    Kilburn, he comes to my house all the time and worships the ground that I walk on. Yeah that was me helping you. How have you been and what are you doing now.

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