New 2016 ZX10R?

  • So with the end of the year getting closer, do you think there will be a fifth gen ZX10R? What are some things you’d like to see in a new ZX10R? Myself personally I’d dig some new electronics. Maybe a touchscreen interface? Gas gauge maybe though I don’t mind the idiot light.

    What’s your thoughts?

  • Pit limiter, launch control, and quickshifter since the ECU already has it… a simple flash to get it unlocked currently. Projector headlights, adjustable electronic damper would be nice, go from street to track instead of having to purchase the Ohlins race smart scu. Also some of the electronics the R1m has would be nice as well haha.

    Of course a higher line model would be nice with upgraded wheels/suspension.

  • I would really like to see projector headlights now that you mention it, as well as dual high/lows. The media is currently leaking stuff already about the newish ZX10. They’ve mentioned that it will have the same engine platform, but with updated suspension & tech. Also from what I can tell it looks like they have changed the nose cowl. The pictures almost make it look like the third gens. I really liked the fourth gens nose. 😟

  • Yeah I noticed that on the nose as well… However, I like the idea of going back to fairings reducing the vibration along the edges rather than what it is currently. My 2011 zx10r race bike had bodywork that wrapped the edges of the windscreen and it was great at speed.

    My 2015’ will have race bodywork soon without the extra piece along the edges of the windscreen using the stock one.

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