Holy crap ...

  • So I was looking at some of the other “regional” motorcycle forums … and holy crap - how can anyone read any content among all the advertisements? Good god - so there’s so much crap crowding up the page, it’s impossible to actually see what people have to say!

  • If they are Vertical Scope owned sites, I wouldn’t be surprised. Still a mod on Cycleforums and basically I do nothing but delete spammers. They hid the members list because, this is exactly what the admin at the time said, “We don’t want spammers getting everyones email”. I was thinking “are you freaking serious? members email ISNT listed in the list”. Havent heard from a VS “admin” for damn near a year. Been asking for help for I don’t know how long. Don’t know why I keep deleting spammers since theres pretty much no one there anymore. Other than SBN (athough I’d rather hit myself in the head with a hammer than visit that place again) and a couple other forums they bought, most have withered and died. But it was funny how they bought all these powersports sites right as Facebook was killing off forums. Hahahaha

  • @Rob Sounds like they’re completely clueless. Definitely hilarious that they gobbled up all the sites right as they died. I just can’t enjoy any of those forums because they’re so packed with advertisements, I feel like i’m at a circus with barkers haranguing me from all sides.

    I own the domain for this place now, and own the server that it runs on. With the exception of some limited advertising I may do for Jason Merritt (the previous owner), I won’t be doing any of that crap. The only thing I pay for to keep the site running is the internet connection and the power to run the server.

    Hoping this place picks back up. I know that the social networks have given people a place to go - but things like Facebook Groups suck. I’m hoping that this forum software helps make the site more accessible to people - particularly those using mobile devices. The software is also really cool in the way that it is very real-time (uses web-sockets, so things happen quickly without having to refresh the browser window).

  • For myself I don’t mind SOME ads that are tastefully placed, so long as they do not obstruct anything. What I can’t stand is talking ads, or really any ad with noise. I listen to a lot of music so when I jump to a random website and it starts yelling at me to, “visit state X where the roads never stop winding”, I seriously want to beat someone with a baseball bat & never visit again.

  • Didn’t know that you acquired the site from Jason. Congrats.

  • @okaive yeah… It seemed like the site lost its luster with the decreased traffic / usage. I offered to take ownership and he agreed if I’d land some advertising for him over the next couple years when asked. I’d love it if the site picked back up - but honestly I’m afraid it won’t.

    I’ve got it on a new server now with a hot failover if anything falls over. It should be very rock solid at this time … I’m about to integrate logging on with your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts as well, hoping that will drive some traffic too.

    Oh well, we’ll see what happens!

  • Wouldn’t give up too much hope. From what I’ve been seeing on FB, its use is dwindling (at least from what I’m seeing). Especially withthem trying to “enforce” their real name rule. Know a few cops on there and they all use fake names for obvious reasons.

  • I could give up hope … but screw it. It’s a fun hobby. Let’s see who comes back 'round. 🙂 I’m trying some stuff with Facebook integration / single-sign-on … would like to get Google+ and Twitter integrated in the same manner. Maybe more people would sign up if they could log in with their social media accounts…

  • Hmmm didnt see the new name rule, thanks for the heads up on that one. I never use my real name just because I don’t want potential employers investigating me.

    And Murph, you need spell check on here.

  • Do people actually use Google +? I thought that was just a myth.

    Okay, how do I get 3 reputations to get rid of this silly 120 second rule?

  • @okaive I ditched the 120 second rule. Defaults… Lol

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