Garage Floors - Suggestions

  • Just purchased a new place (yay!) and we’re in the process of cleaning and configuring things.

    I’ve got a pretty decent sized garage that I’m going to go full man-cave on … and I’m wondering what some suggestions are for garage floor material.

    Of course I’d like to do something super-trick like black-n-white tile, but I think that could probably be super labor intensive and be a huge pain in the ass to maintain (particularly things like the single stick-down adhesive tiles).

    I’m kind of leaning more toward the paint-on sealant. What are some people using out there and what are some pitfalls? Looking for anything that will showcase my bikes nicely, be garage-work friendly, and cleans up easily.

    Love to hear anyone’s suggestions.


  • Gotta watch the paint on sealant. Can be very slippery, especially if wet.

  • I’m thinking about the epoxy kind with the little color flecks in it and the abrasive texture. Worried it might be good when wet - but a bitch to sweep or clean.

  • The paint on epoxy garage floor paint is an excellent option.
    I have worked in several shops that have used the off the shelf retail products with great results. It’s fuel and oil resistant and dries super hard so it wont flake.
    As with any painting project though, your prep job on the floor will determine your end results.

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