Scorpion GT-3000 helmet

  • I recently purchased a Scorpion GT-3000 helmet, and pretty happy with it so far. Nice fit and finish, pretty quiet (but I ride with earplugs, so…), and it already comes with cutouts and other features to mount a communication unit. I’ve got a Sena SMH-10 that I installed, and it fits perfectly. Haven’t made a phone call with it yet, but the music and other audio seems to be coming across just fine. The helmet also features a drop down sun visor, permanent anti-fog and easily removable liner so you can wash it. For half the price of the Shoei NeoTec, I’m pretty happy with it.

  • I was die hard shoei fan, they make great helmets, but made my switch starting in 2012 to Scorpion. I run the track with the R2000 and street with the T1200. R2000 was great since it came with a clear and tinted visor, while the t1200 came with an awesome helmet bag.

    t1200 also has cutouts for my sena as well, but at over 70mph, the wind noise gets a bit too loud to hear the sena. Still cant complain regarding either helmets and most of their lineup. They do exactly as advertised and quality is great. Price point, I don’t think they have any competition even remotely close to their price range.

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