Doc Wong Riding Clinic

  • For you riders that may not be aware, there’s a free riders clinic put on by volunteers on the first Saturday of the month. It’s a great clinic with good people. Here’s the description from their website:
    Join us for our next Rider Skills Clinic:

    “Each rider skills clinic starts out with a discussion about a monthly topic that can be found on our Sessions page. After the discussion, our ride leaders will guide you on a group ride to practice the skill covered during the clinic discussion. We take a mid-ride break to answer questions and finish by having lunch at a local establishment. Then you can practice the skill for the following month and return for the next clinic and a new topic.”

    Check out more about Doc Wong HERE

  • I’d like to start going again!

  • Has DW been getting good attendance lately? I haven’t been to one in years. Maybe some of the Fall clinics would be good for rainy-day stuff.

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