• Wow, haven’t been on here in forever!!! Out of curiosity I typed in the website and saw it’s all different now. Anyone still in Jax? Whatever happened to Mark? He was like the “Tom” of Facebook on here, lol. Anyways, I miss the group rides we had going on from here and the get togethers

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    Has been awhile. Mark sold the site to a member in Oregon and he kept it for a couple of year and then he sold it to Murph.

    Not much action these days. The site just switched back to this platform a couple of days ago.

    I do miss the rides in Jax. Unfortunately for me, the rides her in Oklahoma suck ass.

  • i pop in every so often to confirm it’s still dead. jaxsb became the new hot spot then fell to the wayside also. now there’s a couple fbook groups but nothing of note. i’m in tampa now and the scene is way better

  • @zx250r I’ve landed this site on Amazon Web Services. So if we can flood people back to using it - the infrastructure can certainly handle a massive load of people. I’d love to see this place light up again.

    The forum will allow people to login using their Facebook login and has all sorts of things to share posts over to Facebook as well, so we can get visibility over there.

    I love that some of the old crew checks back in every now and again. Maybe we could get to the point of people checking back in every day? 🙂


  • @ruffstuff The dead are raised! Bring on the rest … it’s lonely here!

  • @ruffstuff said in Jax:



  • Lurking…

  • @chaz hey man! How’s things? Still riding?

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