So long Large Marge...Hello Sexy Italian

  • After having the Councours 1400 for a few years I decided it was time to get back on a bike that doesn’t break the scales. The Connie was a great bike for what it was designed to do but it was heavy and had a fat ass. I loved my 08 Tuono I had before the Connie so, enter the 2016 Tuono V4 1100. I’ve wanted one of the V4 Tuonos since they came out and Portland Aprilia Moto Guzzi smoked me a deal on the last 2016 RR they had left to make room for the 2017’s they had coming in. The electronics package on this bike is staggering and the chassis and brakes are amazing. The power is more than anyone should have on the street (175 HP and 88 pounds of torque) and the sound is sublime. I am having to learn how to ride a sport bike all over again and I’ve gotten a bit slower but I don’t mind.

    I put a few things on it right away like going down to Newberg and seeing Andy for some radiator and oil cooler guards the day I rode it home. I also got a set of Cox Racing Axle sliders for it. I did an Evotech tail tidy, Tech Spec tank pads, taller Puig windscreen, Rhinomoto bar ends, and CRG Arrow mirrors. Now I need to figure out which frame sliders I want and order those up. Here’s some pictures.

    0_1495564163095_Tuono 11.jpg

    0_1495564185620_Tuono 12.jpg

  • That is one sexy beast … definitely waaaaaaay hotter than the Connie. The mods are just icing on the cake. Great to see you on it the other weekend on the ride out to Detroit Lake!

  • Ooooohhhh, ahhhhh LOL

  • Soooo beautiful!

  • So jealous. Congrats.

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