Scored a used Aplinestars 1-piece and a brand new Spidi Leather Jacket for $375!

    found my old Oxstar boots (bought before they were forced to change their name) and track gloves

    debating on the wisdom of using my old helmet. Scorpion EXO-100. It was Snell 2005 certified and has never been wrecked or dropped. Im thinking it should be fine and I can upgrade later on.

    Should be in a position to buy a bike next month!

    Now I just gotta get permission from the wife…

  • @nicegy525 Nice! the helmet and gear should be fine - I rode with a Shoei RF-900 for 16 years … never went down with it and it did just fine. I’d still be wearing it today except some asshat stole it out of my garage.

    Keep us posted and which bikes you’re eye-balling! Does the wife ride too?? Might be an easier sell if you can frame it as a “couples” thing. 🙂 👫

  • Agreed! Get the wife to ride! Lots of great women riders out here! The more the merrier! 🙂

  • @carriebob

    Julie is not the moto type lol! She has zero interest in riding!

    Im gonna bite the bullet and invest in a new helmet just because. years ago, I couldnt have afforded it.

  • If all goes well, Ill pick up my bike in about 2 weeks!!!

  • @nicegy525 Sweet! Crossing fingers… you picking up the 750 again?

  • found a deal on a 2006 GSXR-1000 for a price I couldnt refuse. Owner should be in town this week so I can pick it up.

  • holy cow this thing is fast! and I am very rusty lol!

  • @nicegy525 Did ya get out and enjoy the nice weather today? 🙂

  • ive only done 2 street rides and one track day, otherwise ive done a handful of commuter miles.

    The track day was incredible and I feel much more comfortable on the bike now.

  • Where did you do the track day and through which org?

  • Motocorsa at PIR

    I started in C-group. the instruction and guided sessions were slow but a welcome opportunity to refresh some basics. The afternoon sessions were open riding (but NO PASSING in ANY corner) that made for some traffic jams as a couple riders were very new.

    There was some confusion towards the end of the day and control cut the c group out one session too soon (we only got 5 instead of 6) I went and asked if I could ride my 6th session with B-group, which they allowed. I went out and did the last 1 1/2 session in B group and had an absolute blast.

    On track, I feel mostly back to where I was in 2008-2009.

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