• found a deal on a 2006 GSXR-1000 for a price I couldnt refuse. Owner should be in town this week so I can pick it up.

  • holy cow this thing is fast! and I am very rusty lol!

  • @nicegy525 Did ya get out and enjoy the nice weather today? 🙂

  • ive only done 2 street rides and one track day, otherwise ive done a handful of commuter miles.

    The track day was incredible and I feel much more comfortable on the bike now.

  • Where did you do the track day and through which org?

  • Motocorsa at PIR

    I started in C-group. the instruction and guided sessions were slow but a welcome opportunity to refresh some basics. The afternoon sessions were open riding (but NO PASSING in ANY corner) that made for some traffic jams as a couple riders were very new.

    There was some confusion towards the end of the day and control cut the c group out one session too soon (we only got 5 instead of 6) I went and asked if I could ride my 6th session with B-group, which they allowed. I went out and did the last 1 1/2 session in B group and had an absolute blast.

    On track, I feel mostly back to where I was in 2008-2009.


    After 2 years and multiple track days, I sold the GSXR-1000. I was running 1:26’s comfortably and dipping into the 23 range. I never felt truly connected to the bike and it was always a bit of a wrestle to get it to do what I wanted.

    I bought a KTM 890 Duke R and so far am totally in love! It fits me so much better and corners like a frickin scalpel!

    Im excited to get it to the track next year, including The Ridge, to see what it can really do!

  • Nice. I want to see pics!!

  • ask and ye shall receive!IMG-9440.jpg IMG-9439.jpg IMG-9438.jpg IMG-9437.jpg

    These are the most recent from when I installed the Spark dual exhaust. Ive got a few more goodies on the way (including a beaver tail remover) KTM doesnt seem to have the same level of parts availability as the big Jap brands and everything seems more expensive.

    This bike is so much fun Im not sure its legal…

  • MOTOCORSA 10.4.20 PIT.jpg IMG-9533.jpg IMG-9532.jpg IMG-9531.jpg IMG-9530.jpg IMG-9529.jpg IMG-9528.jpg IMG-9527.jpg )

    First track day on the 890 and last track day of 2020. I was about 1-2 seconds slower than the gsxr.

    Top speed of about 142 mph but much faster in the corners. I know there’s more time i can scrub by simply growing the balls to accelerate harder out of T4 and T9!

    I was able to put my right knee down on 2 and 9 FINALLY!!!

    The day was mostly getting passed by riders on the front straight and passing them back by T3/4. Super fun!

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