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  • @Jet Still working here. Our shop is considered essential since we make tooling for a number of medical and military suppliers. Still in southern WI.

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  • @Rob Fuck man, it’s been what… 20yrs? You were one of the first people I met back on SBN. It’s a bit nostalgic coming back here.
    I finally got a new ride, KTM 990 Adventure, put on a klicktronic hand shifter since I’m half gimp and then…the end of the god damn world happens and I’m stuck inside. Fate is a cruel mistress.
    I hope everyone is doing well, stay safe/stay the hell away from everyone

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  • @Jet said in So, who is still around?:

    @Spyral it’s been a long long time. I miss those days myself. Good to see some names I recognize.
    Me, I’ve been on a hell of a ride, I live in Colombia now where I’m building a resort, I’m partially paralyzed but not from riding, I’m actually looking to get back on after 3yrs of being off 2 wheels.
    @Rob still got that Avatar I made you in the SBN days? 😄
    Hope to catch up with you guys in person some day.

    Damn Jet, long time no hear. Hows things going? No idea on that avatar, the pc I used back then took a big dump. CF has a FB group for the CF OG’s called CF OGs. About 130 of us there.

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    @Saki-Girl said in So, who is still around?:

    Did someone say Saki? I’ve been getting digest emails from SB.WS for years and lurking. Miss the old days, glad I found SB.WS, because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have found AlcoholicR1! 15 years married this year!

    I did the msf class work under you at Ron Turner when you had the zx7r I believe. I’ve got 2 tlr, 1098, rz350, and ride my Aprilia 250 scooter the most lol

    Trying to get minimotos back at fscj or something.

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