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    2 years later and I see facebook dividing mostly based on politics. My Liberal friends are posting their news stories and my conservative friends are debating leaving facebook all together.

    I think more people should find balance in the mix. Agree to disagree on things and just be nice. Posting divisive rhetoric only furthers each side’s agenda.

    But anyways, After considering using real names vs made up forum names, I dont want to cease being Nicegy525. It is an online identify I have built over years of interacting with people all over the internet. Every online site that will allow it has me registered as Nicegy525.

    I also think a community that meets regularly in person gets to know each other and we can call each other out when someone tries to be an online badass. I think thats one of the biggest things that made SB.WS special. We had regular meet ups for social and moto events. ride invitations that ended up being just 2 people all the way to massive 40+ group gatherings kept a strong sense of community.

    Id like to be a part of building that again

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    @trinc said in Pics from the past. Oregon:

    Ok, last one. Here’s to you Jason.

    Gee… I wonder what he is looking at?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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  • @trinc

    Marc had the best combo: riding & music.

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  • @trinc
    Video was just starting to come on the scene, a few were doing great work & showing in local theathers… still have some swag 😁


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