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    How dare you ruin my command of having the most recent post in every section! lol!

    Winter was always a fun time watching those who couldnt ride/race in the dry season take to the keyboard and hash it out. The newbies would get sucked into the drama and get chewed up and spit out until they became seasoned vets and knew to just sit back and watch the fireworks. The truly special people knew when to fan the flames a bit and keep things exciting lol!

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  • @Nicegy525 yeah - I think this is a key component here - regular in-person/real-life meetings. The reason people turn into douche-canoes on the iNtArWeBz is because of this overblown sense of anonymity; it affords them a false sense of protection - so they say things and act in ways they would never even entertain if they were hanging out with other people in person.

    Back when this used to be an active and vibrant community - folks would meet regularly at Old Market Pub on a weekly basis and ride on weekends together. We all got along and had good times - nobody acted like a jerk…but that fell off, and the online agitators started to really join en masse and the place fell apart - the moderators couldn’t keep up - and when they tried, the screams of draconian enforcement echoed throughout the forums.

    It would be nice if the core group of people could get back together and use this as a communication platform to once again shoot the shit about motorcycles and coordinate rides.

    Man … I miss those days… Can’t believe it was 20 years ago now. Time flies…

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    2 years later and I see facebook dividing mostly based on politics. My Liberal friends are posting their news stories and my conservative friends are debating leaving facebook all together.

    I think more people should find balance in the mix. Agree to disagree on things and just be nice. Posting divisive rhetoric only furthers each side’s agenda.

    But anyways, After considering using real names vs made up forum names, I dont want to cease being Nicegy525. It is an online identify I have built over years of interacting with people all over the internet. Every online site that will allow it has me registered as Nicegy525.

    I also think a community that meets regularly in person gets to know each other and we can call each other out when someone tries to be an online badass. I think thats one of the biggest things that made SB.WS special. We had regular meet ups for social and moto events. ride invitations that ended up being just 2 people all the way to massive 40+ group gatherings kept a strong sense of community.

    Id like to be a part of building that again

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