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  • Wow! Great to see a lot of the old crew from back in my Orlando group riding days still around.

    I left Orlando back in 2004 and haven’t lived there since, unfortunately.

    Still riding but on a different bike since O-Town.
    Back then, I had a 1996 GSX-R 750 blue and white paint scheme.

    Now, I have a 2008 GSX-R 750 black.

    I miss you guys and those great group rides and the two wheel Tuesdays at Winghouse and Steak and Shake.

    )p61077D2B-BACF-4C59-A87C-0F53F9FA8A64.jpeg DD4D9FCF-6C84-425D-84F2-BEE0CB4FF9C1.jpeg 4195F284-0248-4163-AD84-638D8838AD22.jpeg DD20178B-61E5-4593-935D-616366D188AC.jpeg B333A4F0-1D3D-42A3-89D9-6D9DAAB0E354.jpeg

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  • @vicki-ahmadi

    I heard he crossed one too many yellow lines… 😁

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  • @trinc I miss him like crazy! 😔

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  • @murphomatic you bet your arse it’ll be here waiting! lol! and all my post whore glory!!!

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