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  • While alcohol mixes much better with golf than riding, we can still imbibe when the time is right.

    What did you drink last night?

    for me, I had a few pours of Michter’s Barrel Strength Rye. Im not a rye fan but this is one of few exceptions


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  • well, I am back to mostly hating my job again. I love what I do and the flexibility I have with my current job. I HATE all the corporate red tape BS I have to go through just to keep the wheels rolling.

    Because of corporate’s inability to make timely decisions on things, I have lost talented technicians and have had to run a chronically understaffed shop for almost 2 years now… It is getting really old…

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  • so its the slow season at work and I am going nucking futs without any consistent workload! Im stuck here because I have a meeting in 45 minutes so I cant just leave early! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

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  • @nicegy525 Yes, but nothing gets done. It takes 3 years to fire someone. Once you write them up, they will write more grievances on you and the management will either move you or them. Either way, once that is done, the next person won’t write them up just because of the headaches that go with it. So getting away with murder is so easy for them.

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