2004 CBR 1000RR - Deep Clean

  • Well, after 14 years of regular riding, when a local motorcycle shop dinged one of my Carrozzeria rims while trying to mount a tire - I decided the time had come to tear down the CBR 1000RR and give it a deep cleaning while I was waiting 6-8 weeks for my wheels to show back up.


    Tore all the plastic off, tank, airbox, shower injectors, tail, etc. and started in with a sponge and some dish-washing detergent (like for your dishwashing machine - works great to cut the grease) and parts-cleaner.

    Cleaned up the tail first and reassembled the tail:


    Then cleaned up the exhaust system:

    Repaired some of the broken/burnt LEDs in my tail light as well. Also glued the tach faceplate down where it had bubbled up a little, causing the needle to rub.

    Cleaned up the airbox, fresh K&N filters, and reassembled all of that.

    Next will be the front-end cleanup, forks, calipers, etc.

    I ordered new matte-black fairings for it - birthday present from my wifey ♥ . Should have those in hand in the next couple of weeks. Also got new grips and bar-ends that some nice accents. Bike should be all black, gold and silver.

    I’ll post more pics as I reassemble - shoud look pretty dang sweet when I’m done.

    Stay tuned!

  • Looks great so far! CAn’t wait to see the finished product!

  • Looks great! Can you do mine next??

  • New fairings came in over the weekend. Jazzed to get them put on (was out of town all weekend)!

    Stay tuned!

  • Well that took long enough! Good grief! 🙂 Good on the local shop for replacing the scratched rear wheel and getting the front wheel re-anodized to match.


  • lookin sexy! (and the bike looks good too…) 😉

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