Group Ride 7/14/18

  • Who wants to ride to Klicitat this saturday? Figure on a 9:00 departure from Vancouver. Medium pace.

    Any takers???

  • @nicegy525 dang I would totally take you up on this except I’m out of town this weekend.

    Maybe another group ride next weekend? 🙂

  • I have family in town next weekend. will have to play it by ear

  • well, I ended up joining a small facebook group and rode to windy ridge. There were 5 of us and everyone rode well.

    I had an oh shit moment when I came into a sharp right hander and my front tire found some gravel. Managed to stand it up and save it from low siding.

    I split off at cougar when they wanted to stop for lunch, I had to get home to finish some errands.

    on the way back, I let my legs dangle to stretch a bit. I wasnt paying enough attention because my left foot caught a yellow reflector in the middle of the road. At 60mph that hurt like a son of a… Had I not been wearing a proper boot, I would have easily broken my foot. It is all purple now and Im hobbling around work today.

  • @nicegy525 Dang - well aside from the bruised foot, I’m glad the ride was fairly uneventful! I haven’t been up to Windy Ridge yet this year … just got the new fairing in for my 1000RR … might have to break it in with a proper ride up that direction! 🙂

  • @murphomatic the roads up there have deteriorated substantially. going up from carson is still great. north of swift resevoir are tons of sunken grades, some of which are hard to spot and can be real nut slappers. the turn off to windy ridge there are sections of gravel in one lane.

    the road between swift resevoir and cougar has some serious bumps, some in precarious spots for cornering.

    it is arguably no longer a supersport bike friendly ride. you need more suspension travel to navigate all the bumps now.

  • @nicegy525 Dang - will thanks for the info. Been a long time since I’ve been up that direction.

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