Group Ride Before Winter Sets In???

  • Who wants to do a ride before the rainy season is upon us? Id say no later than Mid October.

    Klicitat is GORGEOUS when the leaves are changing!

    Im Sure some loop involving hwy 53, hwy 47 would be equally amazing

    Ive got a new KTM 890 Duke R to play with.

  • I would be totally keen to do this. Maybe something where we loop up over 47 / Apiary / 30 out to Astoria, down to Manzanita and in via 53 -> 26… about 250 miles total.

  • @murphomatic

    Ive been wanting to explore the Bible creek/Nestucca river area again but dont know the route too well. I think heading West through there, North to Miami Foley->hwy 53->26-> 103->202->Clatskanie and we could loop back on Apiary or Scappose/Vernonia.

  • I’m in for a ride

  • well, now that the fires are upon us, probably not wise to venture out until the smoke has subsided. Im thinking sometime between the last weekend of september into the 2nd weekend of October.

  • Weather looks a bit chilly but DRY for this Sunday.

    Lets meet up at Vancouver Krispy Kreme at 10:00 am

    Kick Stands up 10:30

    Headed out to Klicitat! Pace will be moderate due to low temps and likely wet leaves on the road.

  • Well I had a somewhat wet and cold solo ride through the gorge and up into the foothills of Mt Adams lol!

    the heart of the route from BZ corner through Klickitat was dry and excellent, but cold, road conditions. However, I made a miscalculation on my fuel levels and had to dial down the pace to conserve gas until I could get to Klickitat which was the next available fuel stop.

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