PNW Riders Facebook Group can Suck it!

  • Time for a poo flinging post!

    I had a comment removed and was silenced for a day by an admin on the PNW rider facebook page.

    Seriously, that post was G rated compared to the poo we used to fling in the day. It was directed at no one but myself, so nobody can claim to be offended by it. I dont know who that Admin was but I think they need to grow a pair and calm down! lol! But then, the admins on the old PNW forum were hyper sensitive like that

    Makes me miss the days when I got to watch some truly epic poo flinging on this forum!

  • Nicegy wasn’t fooling anyone, you’re pretty much an a$$hat. 🤪

  • and I own that proudly!!! lol!🖕🏻

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