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  • not really a suggestion more of an issue, when I log in, it shows I have 5 notifications. I click on see all notifications and it says I have none. I mark them all as read and the 5 new notification icon comes back…

  • I noticed that happening as well. I am seeing 2 notifications myself that seem to not go away. I’ll chase this down. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • I’ve tweaked the code to keep the notifications squelched for now until I can figure out what’s going on. It appears that the count is accurate, but it’s not showing the actual notifications in the list when it should be.

    Anyway - it has been silenced until I can see why the notifications aren’t listing like they should.

  • How about making it keep you logged in until you want to log out? Kinda silly to have to log in on a regular basis. Even when “Remember Me” is checked, it still logs me out in about 2 weeks.

  • @Rob Done. You should stay logged in indefinitely now.

  • Thanks. A photography board I’m on recently changed forum software (to one designed and coded by the owner himself) and put a 30 day log in time max for “security”. Sadly the forum software he wrote is not real user friendly. Site went from being real active to pretty dead right afterwards.

  • @Rob Yeah, it’s amazing how a change in software can really derail a community. I figured that since this place had been pretty dead for several years, switching up the software couldn’t really do any harm. I like this software package (NodeBB) and it’s Javascript front-to-back, so somewhat interesting in that regard (and something I’m familiar with enough to get into the code and change things around).

    Anyway - keep me posted on how your user experience is. I would sure like to see this place light back up. Wishful thinking perhaps, but nice thoughts nonetheless…

  • Software itself works fine here, just site is pretty quiet. FOrums may make a comeback. I know a lot of people who are getting sick of FB.

  • Rob,

    I noticed a lot of people also sick of the FB, yet they stay with it and they are the ones that post the most.

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