SBWS Grand Tour?

  • I was thinking about doing a Grand Tour type of ride similar to what Rose City Motorcycle Club does ( Only instead of having people pay a registration fee and get a passport book to have stamped at places, it’s a bit more organic …

    We have a number of people contribute to a list of “check points” around the area - say a 500-1000 mile radius of Portland. The places would be small and preferably remote locations that involve a fun ride to get to, and serve a good burger or have some unique draw to them. The directive would then be that people would need to ride to those check points and shoot a picture of themselves with their bike, in front of the place, followed by a post to an SBWS forum category that was setup specifically for this activity.

    It could be setup with a time-limit to complete all checkpoints and then when it was over, we could get together for a big barbecue/banquet where we could raffle off some stuff, drink beer and bullshit about the epic adventures we had while riding to all the obscure, out-of-the-way places that served as checkpoints. The number of checkpoints you hit would determine the number of raffle entries you get.

    Thoughts? Would anyone be interested in doing that?

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    Would love to do this, unfortunately…

  • If I had a motorcycle and the time I would be all over it! If a family vehicle and the wife and kids can come along then I’m all for it lol!

  • @murphomatic I know this post is really old, but I think it would be fun to revisit! Let me know if this is something I could help with!

  • @carriebob we should totally do the GT this year. There are some really great rides on here -

    I’m going to send in my app on Monday. Who’s with me??

  • Okay - I just filled out my application for the 2017 Grand Tour. On the line that says “Club Association/Affiliation” I put “” … just for fun. :) Dropping in the mail now!

  • Woohoo! Let me know how I can help!

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