Happy 2018!

  • Welcome to 2018 everyone - Happy New Year! 🙂 Looking forward to warmer weather and twisty roads!

  • Maybe this year I’ll get my streetbike running again.

  • Jeff and I are pretty much empty nesters now! Not that this really stopped us before…but 2018 feels like it will be significantly different for us. I see a lot more riding, both short and long trips, for us this year and I’m pretty stoked about it! We both pretty much have the bikes of our dreams now and have been enjoying the rides much more! 2017 was such a difficult year. I’m really looking forward to a reboot!

  • ive already got plans in the works to get back on 2 wheels this year. I definitely cannot put the kinda miles on like I used to. Having a wife and two kids at home means I have to balance my time wisely.

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