Doing Work

  • Yesterday it was in the low 50’s here on beautiful Long Island, NY. SO, I took a trip to cycle gear, picked up some oil and a filter and did some maintenance. I also had a pile of stuff laying around to install on the bike, so I had at it! Changed the oil with Motul 300V and a K&N filter, installed the new alarm system, installed the RAM mount for my phone, new carbon fiber trim pieces and a new seat! I was done by 2pm and it was 52 out…what to do? RIDE! Man, it felt good to ride. I haven’t been on the bike in almost 3 weeks. Maybe it was the cooler air or the new oil, but the bike seemed wheelie happy! Maybe it was just showing off because it got new stuff…lol

  • Good to see you again brother. Been awhile.

    Man, I believe its been about a year since I have ridden. Need to get maintenance on my bike badly.

  • @okaive yeah it has. We had some good times back in the day! Now get that scoot out of the garage, do some maintenance and ride brother!

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